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ECM : Document Change Management

Current methods of working on documents with others make use of Document Management Systems (DMS) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. Together, these systems offer a wide range of features for collaboration including storage, workflow, and transport-activities external to the document. They do not provide an efficient method of reviewing, managing, and incorporating changes proposed to a document. Document content collaboration applications enhance the overall collaborative workflow process as they help people manage changes to a document in an effective and organized way.

Modern document change management provides document change management capabilities that extend the functionality of office applications, such as Microsoft Word, and DMS/ECM systems while completing the final piece in the collaborative process puzzle. Document content collaboration products work with your current software infrastructure and provide you the ability to work with content changes, making the entire process complete.

Document Change Management solutions eliminate the time-consuming and labour intensive process of managing changes within a document. These products increase productivity and give people the motivation to work together on documents.

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